Making Drupal Behave - Automated Testing with Behat

Regressions. They happen. In fact, the general Drupal approach of providing "lego block" modules that can be clicked together to create totally custom advanced functionality leads to massive interdependencies that are hard to predict and to test. You can apply a security update, fix, or new feature on one part of the site that has an impact on another feature that you haven't thought about in months.

So, what can be done? How do we keep the massive power of Drupal's flexibility without being given over to fear of security updates, new features, and any other kind of change? The answer is here and it's **testing**!

If a feature is worth building, it is usually worth knowing that it works. In this session I will provide a crash course in the following tools and how they can be connected to bring you and your team into testing nirvana.

- Behat (
- Mink (
- DrupalExtension (
- Jenkins (

I'll also cover some best practices and some of the lessons I've learned the hard way in using this approach on several large projects and site upgrades.

Drupal Development
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