You Can View Your Nodes*

*and You Can View Your Friends, but You Can't View Your Friends' Nodes.

News feeds, calendars, photo galleries, fields as body content, podcasts...if you want to work some magical magic from within the Drupal admin GUI, you'll need to be a wizard with the Views module.

We'll play with some examples, learn how many of the Views configuration tools work and leave you feeling ready to dive in.

Key points we'll cover:
• Garbage in, garbage out: making sure your Content Types are ready for a View.
• How to navigate the "Add View" form.
• Filters ("Show me all news and events tagged with 'kittens'").
• Formats ("Lists of kittens? Tables of cats? Podcasts of meows?").
• Arranging and Rewriting Fields ("Wrap my kittens in links to more kittens!")
• Sorting and Grouping and Exposed Filters, oh my!
• Getting your view to appear in menus and nodes.

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